Lambs price continue to rise, bulls steady

Lamb prices continue to increase, lifting 20 cents a kilo in the past fortnight.

Head of Livestock at Heartland Bank, Wayne McEntee told Rural Exchange that the lamb market was positive.

"We are looking at $7.70-7.80 for the lamb price, so it's still a very valuable product here," he said.

However bull prices haven't moved, remaining steady at $5.20.

McEntee said there were bargains to be had on store cattle.

"So you can get out of a finished product and into some relatively cheap replacements," he said.

He said a 300kg steer was fetching between $5.40 and $5.80, while a replacement might be only cost $3.40-3.70

He suggested farmers consider feed levels and what they would be going into before selling.

"Maybe sell your finished products, conserve a lot of feed and buy some well priced replacements," said McEntee.

"Then, as things come right and the grass grows, you can really start to get some compensatory growth on those animals, and take that margin."

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