Watch: 'Dear Prime Minister' - daughter of terminally ill Southland man pens heartbreaking open letter

The daughter of a rural Southland man with terminal cancer has written an open letter to the Prime Minister, asking for her to establish a national cancer agency.

Winton father-of-two Blair Vining was diagnosed with stage four terminal bowel cancer in October.

Despite not having long to live, the 38-year-old wants to improve cancer care for other New Zealanders and has launched a petition calling for the establishment of a national cancer agency.

Vining's 12-year-old daughter Lilly has penned an open letter, asking for the Prime Minister's support in ticking off the last thing off her dad's bucket list.

Lilly Vining wants to help her father achieve his goal of helping other New Zealanders with cancer.
Lilly Vining wants to help her father achieve his goal of helping other New Zealanders with cancer. Photo credit: Facebook/Blair Vining's Epic Journey

"Cancer is New Zealand's number one killer and every year around 800 Kiwis die who wouldn't if they lived in another country like Australia," the letter says.

"My dad is petitioning for better cancer care for all New Zealanders through the establishment of a national cancer agency."

"I think it shouldn't matter where you live in New Zealand or if you are rich or poor, anyone with cancer should be able to receive the best possible care."

"Before you were Prime Minister you promised New Zealanders world class cancer care including a national cancer agency, and eight billion dollars into health."

"If you do what you promised, it would tick the last thing off my dad's bucket list and help many other New Zealanders," it says. 

In the letter she says while she likes that the Prime Minister wants to help other countries, she thinks she should save New Zealanders first, and if there is spare money left over, help other countries like Papua New Guinea.

"I love my dad and I am so proud of him, for trying to help other New Zealanders.
It is too late to help my dad, but it is not too late to help other New Zealanders."

Blair Vining is aiming to get 300,000 signatures on his petition, which will be handed over at Parliament by Clutha-Southland MP Hamish Walker at the end of June.