Watch: Hilarious video shows US man practicing saxophone in front of cows

A herd of cows in the US have unwittingly become the first live audience for a US man learning to play the saxophone.

A video posted to Twitter by the man's daughter shows him playing on the side of road facing a cow paddock.

He had driven out to the rural area to practice the songs he'd been learning.

"My parents are such goofs they drove out to the backroads so my dad could play the cows the songs he's been learning on the saxophone," the daughter wrote in a tweet.

The man starts by saying "actually it's my first audition in front of a live audience," before launching into a rendition of Isn't She Lovely by Stevie Wonder.

As the interested cows move towards  him, he also performs a version of Careless Whisper by George Michael.

He finishes with the Mexican instrumental Tequila.

The video has been viewed more than eight million times.