Cow cuddling craze hits the US

Cow cuddling is said to have positive mental health benefits.
Cow cuddling is said to have positive mental health benefits. Photo credit: Twitter/Mountain Horse Farm

A new 'cow-cuddling' service is the latest health trend to hit the United States, with punters paying per hour to reap the mental health benefits.

The practice is common in the Netherlands, where cow cuddling is offered as part of a movement to connect people with country life. 

The idea is similar to equine therapy, however while horses tend to stand,  cows lie down in the grass while chewing their cud, said the Independent.

This allows humans to get even more up close and personal by joining them on the ground.

Now a rural bed and breakfast in upstate New York is offering the service to guests, with the owners sold on the therapeutic benefits.

Mountain Horse Farm owner, Suzanne Vullers told ABC News that they had offered cow cuddling since last spring.

Highlander-Angus crossbred cows three-year-old Bella and two-year-old Bonnie provide the animal-based therapy, with guests guided on how to make the most of their cow-cuddling session.

"We teach them the best practices," she said. "How to walk up to them, how they greet each other."

The sessions are supervised to ensure safety, and cost $75 USD per hour for two people.