Heading dog Glen sets new NZ record for farm dog sale

A heading dog named Glen has sold for over $10,000, breaking a New Zealand for the highest price paid for a farm dog.

Heading dog Jack made history this month, after selling for a record price at an PGG Wrightson annual working dog sale in Mid Canterbury.

The two-and-a-half-year-old heading dog topped the Ashburton sale, at $10,000 - which was the highest price paid for a working dog in the 63-year history of the sale. 

However at the annual Gore sale this week, three-year-old heading dog Glen was sold for $10,200.

PGG Wrightson auctioneer Ross McKee told Magic Talk's Rural Exchange that Glen had been described by his breeder as"bomb-proof".

Heading dog Jack fetched $10,000 at auction in Ashburton.
Heading dog Jack fetched $10,000 at auction in Ashburton. Photo credit: Supplied

"He put on an excellent display on the day," he said.

McKee said the Ashburton record was front of mind during the auction.

"I thought we might have $7000, but two jokers had different ideas.

They were both keen on the dog ad went head to head."

McKee said while it was the most he'd ever seen paid for a farm dog, it was a good investment for a farmer, and worth half a labour unit.

"To be able to find young people to work on the farm is hard, so spread over five years - it's a couple of thousand a year, and with a bit of dog tucker - it's a cheap investment."

Glen was sold to a beef and venison farmer from Becks in Central Otago.