Youngest ever Young Farmer of the Year works in an office

The Young Farmer of the Year has been announced, and he's made history in more ways than one. 

Not only is James Robertson the youngest ever winner, but he also works in an office.

It turns out you don't have to wear red bands, overalls, or even work on a farm to win Young Farmer of the Year. 

Robertson is proof of the above. 

And while an office-bound farmer is a hard concept to get your head around, don't let the suit deceive you. 

"It's not my comfortable environment don't get me wrong," Robertson told Newshub. "I'd rather be out in my gumboots in the rain." 

Raised on a Waikato dairy farm, Robertson is back in the paddock every weekend. 

But his 9am to 5pm job is with Fonterra's trade strategy team - soaking up the multi-billion dollar business side of the dairy industry. 

"I like to consider myself a farmer," Robertson said. "I cringe whenever I hear in the news that a non-farmer has won farmer of the year." 

Winning Young Farmer has been his goal for seven years. Achieving it took three days of intense competition. 

Everything from backing a tractor, to installing irrigation systems, making sausages, and the ultimate test - putting in a fence post. Now could a non-farmer do all that? 

"If I could have a little mini farm down the road here in Auckland I would surely put a tender in to buy it," he told Newshub.

And thanks to the win, he's one step closer that tender - $75,000 worth of prizes now in the hands of this 22-year-old; including a tractor, which might not fit in his central Auckland carpark.