'Disgusting': Horrific video shows Kiwis beating pig with axe

Warning: This article contains graphic content

A horrific video has emerged showing a group attempting to kill a pig by beating it in the head with an axe.

The footage was livestreamed to a New Zealand Facebook page earlier on Monday, where it caused mass outrage.

The video shows one member of the group straddling the pig before smashing its head with the weapon while it squeals in pain.

The group then laughs as the pig seeks shelter, before they attempt to kick it back into place for another go.

Paw Justice told Newshub the video is "disgusting".

"What do you say to people who have no respect and empathy for animals?" a spokesperson says. "If you're going to kill an animal, do it humanely."

Paw Justice says the people involved need to be held accountable for their actions.

"You can be charged under the Animal Welfare Act for ill-treatment of an animal," they told Newshub.

The Ministry of Primary Industries told Newshub it is aware of the video footage and is investigating.

"We cannot comment further while our enquiries are underway, however we can say that there are clear rules around the humane slaughter of animals and we do not in any way accept inhumane killing outside of those rules," a spokesperson told Newshub.