Farmer slammed for putting engagement ring on cow's udder

The unusual proposal has been labelled as animal abuse.
The unusual proposal has been labelled as animal abuse. Photo credit: Facebook/That's It I'm Ring Shaming

A dairy farmer who put an engagement ring on a cow's udder to propose to his girlfriend has been criticised as being 'gross' and the act as 'animal abuse' on social media.

A photo of the cow's teat with a diamond ring on it was shared to the Facebook Page 'That's It I'm Ring Shaming' by a woman in Singapore.

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In her post she said  "Shaming the ring and the whole photoshoot." 

"The person is a farmer. Still doesn't excuse his bad taste. And is this considered a nipple ring? Also, the band is thicker than the center stone."

While the page has been set up to critique the quality of engagement rings, it was the use of the cow udder that got followers fired up.

"That should classify as animal abuse" said one, while another said "this animal does not deserve being abused in this fashion."

In keeping with the theme of the page, others were more concerned with the quality of the engagement ring.

"The only thing hurting that cow is the horrid taste."

"This is udderly terrible. Sorry had to go for it. But really this is gross. The ring is a mess of clusters and the band is too thick. Like the person thought how can I make this ring bigger without spending any more money.'

"He's really trying to milk the proposal" joked another.