Hundreds of pigs escape from US farm, lured back by trail of hot dog buns

The pigs have been causing a ruckus in a small Vermont town.
The pigs have been causing a ruckus in a small Vermont town. Photo credit: Getty

Around 250 pigs which escaped from a farm in the United States are back in their enclosure after being lured back by a trail of hotdog buns.

The pigs have been causing a headache for locals in the town of Orange, Vermont, after getting loose earlier this month.

Local farm workers and volunteers have been working to return the pigs to Sugar Mountain Farm, reported the Insider website. 

The last of them are now back on the farm, thanks to a trail of hot dog buns and "good ol' fashioned corralling", it said.

Farmer Walter Jeffries, believes the fence enclosure was damaged by vandals, which saw about 50 adult pigs and 200 piglets escape. 

"Someone sabotaged our field fencing letting many of our pigs out here at Sugar Mountain Farm in Orange, Vermont," he posted on his Facebook page.

He is now facing a fine from local authorities for the nuisance they created for drivers and pedestrians.

"The pigs have been allowed and remain to be allowed in the town right of way so cars are unable to pass, people can't walk on the road because the pigs chase them," said town clerk Angela Eastman.

Jefferies is offering a reward for information on the vandalism and a robbery at the farm.

"I am offering a reward of one whole pig of pork (delivered all at once or as monthly boxes) for information leading to the capture and conviction of this ring of robbers and saboteur."