Business booming for startup making fence posts from waste plastic

Business is booming for a Kiwi startup which turns plastic waste into fence posts.

Future Post invented an environmentally friendly fence post made from 100 percent recycled plastics.

As well as helping minimise plastic waste, the posts are stronger and more durability than traditional fence post designs.

General manager of Future Post, Jerome Wenzlick told The Project that the idea was born one day on his Waiuku farm.

"We were putting a fence up around an old rubbish dump, and wooden posts were breaking into the ground," he said. 

Future Post produces 400 posts a day.
Future Post produces 400 posts a day. Photo credit: Supplied

"We were having to dig holes and the holes were full of plastic, so we thought why don't we make a post out of this crap that's in the ground."

The company now employs 10 people and produces around 400 posts a day.

"Now we are part of that circular economy, giving an end-use for something which was destined for the landfill, that's the cool part about it."

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