New pest control aims to have rats going nuts

An unusual partnership for pest control is aiming to have rats going nuts. 

High seeding on some of the Hauraki Gulf islands and remote rural areas has fueled rodent and stoat populations.

Adhesives company Selleys has donated 22,000 rat bait blocks, to go with 160 kilograms of Nut Brothers peanut butter. 

Auckland Council's Brett Butland is confident the peanut butter will lure in the rats, saying the rodents appreciate quality.

"We want to keep ahead of the game and ensure our predator-free islands continue to stay that way," he said in a statement on Friday.

He said the rat bait and peanut butter works in tandem "beautifully".

"Rats appreciate quality and we learnt that they find good organic oils much more desirable and that will draw them into the bait station."

Nationwide, New Zealand is aiming to be predator free by 2050. The Department of Conservation says it will bring the country a "huge range of environmental, cultural, social and economic benefits".