'Udder chaos': US police kept busy catching cow 'fugitives'

Police were able to 'steer' them to safety.
Police were able to 'steer' them to safety. Photo credit: Facebook/MainePolice

It was all in a day's work for a group of police officers in the US state of Maine, as they managed to round up a group of 'fugitive' cows.

An estimated two dozen cows managed to get out from a local Dexter farm and roamed nearby streets before police and bystanders caught them.

The Maine State police department saw the funny side of the incident, posting the story on Facebook.

"Sgt. Bernie Brunette spotted several fugitives from justice on Zions Hill Road in Dexter. They were apprehended by a joint effort between Dexter Police, Maine State Police, and civilian bystanders," it said.

The post prompted hundreds of comments of support, and predictably a number of cow puns.

"Could have been a cow-tastrophe," said one

Others included "Could have been udder chaos" and "You could have been out there 'til the cows came home."

Others praised the work of the police in 'steering' the cows to safety.

"I don't think you have enough cuffs for all those felons. Better call in the sheepdog patrol!", said another.

"Great job, I sure hope the judge goes easy on them LOL !!!!!"