'A heartless act': Lamb found shot with arrow, left for dead

The injured lamb was found by a member of the public.
The injured lamb was found by a member of the public. Photo credit: Facebook/Chris Lynch

Warning: This article contains content which may upset some readers.

The SPCA has launched an investigation after a lamb was found with an arrow stuck in its body in the Christchurch Port Hills.

The lamb was found by a member of the public and the SPCA said it was taken to a veterinarian on Wednesday night, where an SPCA after-hours driver attended.

Christchurch radio host, Chris Lynch said on Facebook that local man, Jack Moud and his friend were driving on Summit Road near Godley Beach Park, when they made the horrific discovery. 

"Mr Moud is urging anyone with information to contact the SPCA. He says as for the people that did this "I hope you feel ashamed and regret your actions. 

This is a baby animal that got shot and left for dead injured bleeding and in a lot of pain. This was a heartless act."

In a statement to Newshub, the SPCA said due to the extent of the injuries, and the lamb's suffering, the owner made the decision to have the lamb euthanised.

The SPCA is investigating the incident and is asking anyone with information to come forward.

"We ask anyone who witnessed this incident, has further information about this incident, or anyone in the surrounding area whose animal has been injured in a similar way to please call SPCA and lodge an animal welfare complaint."

It said shooting an animal and causing it suffering in this way was an offence under the Animal Welfare Act.