Chef Al Brown cops flack for support of farmers

Celebrity chef Al Brown says he has copped flack for his public backing of New Zealand farmers.

Brown posted a message on his Facebook page pledging his support for farmers and calling on city-dwellers to stop bagging them.

"I just want to say thank you to our farmers of New Zealand," the Depot owner wrote. 

"And while I know there may be a few out there that are not particularly invested in looking after the environment, the majority of farmers (along with their wives and children) care more about their land and the welfare of their stock and animals that most people could possibly comprehend."

He also took a swipe at "urban keyboard warriors" who he said criticise farmers unnecessarily and called on New Zealanders to make an effort to see what was happening in rural areas.

Brown told Magic Talk's Sean Plunket that there had been some criticism on social media to his stance.

"Wind your head in all that sort of thing," he said.

However he said he wasn't worried about the criticism, which he said was to be expected.

"People are allowed to have their opinions and so be it, that is a democracy.

"That sort of stuff is water off a duck's back for me."

Environment Minister David Parker told Newshub this month that he was hearing the concerns from farmers. 

"The vast number of farmers doing incredibly well and farming profitably with a very low environmental impact," he said.

"We need that best practice to be adopted everywhere."