Startling video shows miraculous rescue of boy as ram charges at Staglands Wildlife Reserve in Upper Hutt

Video footage of a young boy being miraculously pulled out of the way of a charging ram has gone viral.

On Labour Day, Kim Dwyer was with her sister and young nephew at the Staglands Wildlife Reserve in Upper Hutt, where video shows the young boy chasing a rooster.

In the footage, uploaded to the Vic Deals Facebook page, a ram suddenly appears in the background, charging in the child's direction

Miraculously, the boy's mother quickly steps in, grabbing him and sweeping him up as the animal runs by.

Dwyer captioned the video on Facebook: "My sister saves my nephew's life." The post has had more than 2900 reactions, 990 comments and 135 shares.

She said the trio were "shook" after the sudden event. 

"It happened very fast so we didn't have time to think. We were both laughing a lot out of shock." 

The reserve's manager, Sarah Purdy, said she didn't believe the ram was charging at the boy, but towards food.

"It is black and white in my mind, the ram was not charging, it was running to be fed and it ran into the path of the toddler."

Purdy said the ram would have been removed if management thought it was aiming at the child. The park will now change how it feeds the animal to avoid the incident happening again.