Shearer's touching tribute after breaking world shearing record

A Canadian shearer who set a new world shearing record in a Waikato woolshed on Saturday has paid tribute to a New Zealand shearing couple who were the inspiration for the challenge.

Pauline Bolay, who works for a shearing contractor in Waikaretu, smashed the women's solo eight-hour strongwool lambs record of 507.

The previous record had been set by New Zealand shearer Kerri-Jo Te Huia in January 2012.

Bolay said a strict focus helped her reach her total of 510.

"It was just one sheep at a time, the whole day," she said.

Bolay got off to a strong start, and was able to maintain the momentum for the challenge.

"I was on target for the first run, that set me up for the day." 

Pauline Bolay during her world-record breaking shear.
Pauline Bolay during her world-record breaking shear. Photo credit: Supplied

The 33-year-old said while uncomfortable at times, the humidity and heat in the woolshed at Waikaretu was a positive as sheep sheared better in the heat.

"It was better for the sheep to shear well, I can get over the heat."

Bolay used motivation from her coach and strong support team to get through low points in the day.

"Every wall I hit I had to smash it down and get through the low points and shear well during those high points."

Employers Sam and Emily Welsh, who are both world shearing record holders, were the inspiration for the world record attempt.

Bolay credited her great support team for helping her get to her goal.
Bolay credited her great support team for helping her get to her goal. Photo credit: Supplied

"I could not have done it without them they have inspired me to do this, they believed in me."

"I am very grateful for their support and the whole team on the day."

She also drew energy from the atmosphere in the woolshed as she neared the end of the eight-hour time limit.

"There was a lot of cheering, everyone was shouting and cheering, it was crazy."

She said it was an awesome feeling to break the world record.

"It hasn't sunk in, it's been a goal of mine and I am glad we achieved it."

Bolay is from a farming family in Fairford, Manitoba, and represented Canada as a shearer at the world shearing and woolhandling championships in Masterton in 2012 and again this year in France.