'Therapy' goat for depressed cow stolen from Northland paddock

An appeal has gone out for the return of a stolen 'therapy' goat, which had formed an unlikely friendship with a depressed pet cow.

Peaches the goat was stolen from a paddock next to the Maungaturoto Hotel in Northland overnight on Friday.

Hotel caretaker, Joe Robin told Magic Talk's Leah Panapa that Peaches had been introduced to Bunter in an effort to lift the cow's spirits after a fellow pet cow six weeks ago.

"After Rosie passed away Bunter got really depressed and we heard that goats were good therapy, and there was a lady who was willing to gift Peaches to us," said Robin.

"As soon as Peaches arrived in the paddock, Bunter was a different cow, running around everywhere."

Bunter had also started eating again after the arrival of the goat, however the happy friendship had been short-lived with the disappearance of Peaches.

"On Saturday morning I had a phone call to say someone had stolen Peaches and had cut the fence."

"Peaches was tied up on a long chain, and her purple collar was cut, but Bunter would have been right beside her."

Robin said the pet cow was missing the goat, and had stopped eating again .

"When I got there Bunter came running down as if to say where has my friend gone?"

A reward of dinner for two at the Maungaturoto Hotel for the safe return of Peaches.

"Even if they tie her up somewhere and drop us a message and we can pick her up."

Listen to the interview.