Thirsty Australian native animals filmed drinking from a trough during drought

Thirsty animals have been spotted flocking to a farm's water trough in a drought-stricken area of Australia to quench their thirst.

Phil Henley from Warrumbungle in northern New South Wales posted a video to Facebook showing echidnas, goannas, parrots and lorikeets all coming for a drink.

He told 7 News he initially installed a camera to catch feral animals who were coming to his farm, but found native wildlife instead.

"The volume of animals coming to the trough just highlights how dry it is. The creeks haven't flowed for years and most of the dams are drying up."

The drought has crippled his emu farm, he said, as well as impacting other local agricultural industries.

Henley was "very surprised" with the variety of animals showing up to the water trough, but a regular echidna is what amazed him the most.

"Apparently they don't normally drink much water because they get it from insects," he said.

"For him to be coming in fairly regularly for a drink, that highlights how dry it is."

He said he installed a dirt ramp alongside the trough to help both the echidna and goannas reach the water.

During the day, Henley said animals can be regularly found having a drink, and it's not often there isn't an animal at the trough.