Accommodation offers from NZ farmers flood in for Aussie counterparts

A group of New Zealand farmers behind a scheme to help their Australian counterparts affected by the country's bushfires are struggling to keep up with offers from generous kiwis. 

The Facebook page NZ Farmers Offer Free Accommodation To Aussie Farmers From Bush Fire Zones has been swamped with emails from farmers wanting to help.

Organiser of the Facebook page, Nathan Addis said they had been overwhelmed with the response, and were now putting in place a system to coordinate the many offers of support.

"Please sit tight if you haven’t heard from us as I’m sure that you can all appreciate that there is a lot going on - this has turned from a snowflake to an avalanche far quicker than Mark or I ever could have foreseen," he said on the page.

He said they had received hundreds of emails offering properties for people to stay in.

"We are so humbled and overwhelmed by all of your generosity - you’re all champions!"

Meanwhile a GiveALittle page has now been set up to take donations to help with initiative.

"These funds will be used to assist with the logistics, travel, and associated costs of getting Australian farmers and their families to the properties that have been so generously offered by Kiwis around New Zealand."

"Farmers, if you are willing and able, you could donate the value of a lamb or cattle beast, or whatever you can manage."

It's estimated that the Australian bushfires have killed up to half a million animals, including livestock 

Thousands of cattle, sheep and horses have been killed in the fires and some farmers had been forced to euthanise hundreds more.