Emotional poem and photo captures heartbreak of Australian fires

The daughter of an Australian farmer has penned an emotional poem about the devastating impact of the bushfires, sharing a powerful image of her father in a burnt-out paddock.

The photo of exhausted dairy farmer Gavin Wilson has been shared thousands of times on social media, along with the poem written by Georgia Wilson.

The family farms at Corryong near the upper reaches of the Murray River in Victoria and was among those coping with the effects of the bushfires.

The poem paints the grim reality of the destruction caused by the blazes.

"It is complete devastation. It is utter heartbreak. It is an emotional roller coaster.

"It is having no sleep. It is not knowing what to do next. It is red, sore eyes.

"It is having no power or communication. It is the separation of families.

"It is grief. Anger. Guilt."

Wilson told the Border Mail newspaper that she wanted to capture what many farmers across Australia were struggling with.

"I wrote it to provide an insight into what farmers in, not only in our area but in all fire-torn areas are facing. 

"Farming is a tough gig, but these fires make it a thousand times harder," Wilson told the Border Mail.

She was also worried the issue was being politicised.

"I think many people are making it a political debate and taking the focus away from all those who have been impacted and who need help."

The family had two properties covering around 140 hectares which had been burnt out and they had lost some stock, however, they counted themselves lucky as the home farm had not been affected.

Despite the tough times, Wilson urged farmers to look to the future.

"This is the reality of fires. It hurts and no one can prepare you for it," she said on her Facebook page.

"With time, the grass will get greener and life will go back to the way it once was. We just have to remember that."

It's estimated that the Australian bushfires have killed up to one-billion animals, including livestock.

Thousands of cattle, sheep and horses have been killed in the fires and some farmers had been forced to euthanise hundreds more.