Farm dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, dachshund proves

A nine-month-old dachshund is living his dream as a working farm dog, making up for his size with speed and agility on a sheep farm in Australia.

The 'sausage dog' named Archie lives on a farm in Molong in New South Wales.

Owner Ebony Hewitt told Newshub that she could tell early on that Archie was keen on joining the working farm dogs.

"Archie would always come mustering with us and get over-excited like he wanted a turn at working the sheep, so I let him out to have a run around and that's when we discovered he was actually useful, "said Hewitt.

Hewitt believes Archie learned how to do sheep work by watching the other sheepdogs. 

"He used to just sit up in the passenger's seat in the buggy watching and would get really excited making little sounds until we would let him out for a whirl, and he was a natural.

Ebony Hewitt with pint-sized farm dog Archie.
Ebony Hewitt with pint-sized farm dog Archie. Photo credit: Supplied/Ebony Hewitt

"He is also very helpful in the sheep yards, running up and down the race like a little pocket rocket," she said.

Despite his small size, Archie is an excellent farm worker.

"Archie would almost be my pick of working dogs if I had to choose, his small and very fast little legs means he can get around the sheep with ease and speed."

While Archie makes for an unusual sight working alongside the sheepdogs, Hewitt said the small-breed was well-suited to farm work.

Archie loves his life on the farm.
Archie loves his life on the farm. Photo credit: Supplied/Ebony Hewitt

"Dachshunds are definitely a stubborn but smart breed, they also have very selective hearing," she said. 

"But they are extremely intelligent, loyal, brave and they are the most loving dogs. But their best trait of all is knowing how to steal your heart. They are just a delightful addition to any family."

The other dogs on the farm have welcomed their pint-sized workmate.

"The other working dogs actually don't mind Archie out there working with them, they probably find it as amusing as we do."

Archie loves to stop off at the trough with the other farm dogs.
Archie loves to stop off at the trough with the other farm dogs. Photo credit: Supplied/Ebony Hewitt

Archie is now living his dream and likes nothing better than to relax after a hard day's work. 

"Archie is always very exhausted as his little legs have to do twice as much work as the other dogs have to, so he loves to come inside, plonk himself up on the couch and have a big sleep dreaming of chasing sheep. 

"Or he also enjoys stopping at a trough on the way home to have a quick dip."

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