Rural water restrictions for Nelson stream and well users

Authorities in Nelson have introduced new rural water restrictions for stream and well users due to continued low river levels.

Despite recent rainfall, the Nelson City Council said local river levels continued to drop.

The new water restrictions would affect those taking water directly from streams and wells.

"Rivers and streams in the area have met the 'low-flow trigger level' under the Resource Management Act 1991, which signals the need for water restrictions to be introduced," it said in a statement.

Affected residents were required to stop using water for non-essential purposes from the Wakapuaka River, Teal River, Lud River,  Todd Valley Stream, Poorman Valley Stream, Hillwood Stream, Maori Pa Stream and Waihi Creek and their tributaries.

The restrictions would only affect those Nelson residents who take their water directly from the above rivers and streams and their adjoining wells.

Water could only be used for essential purposes including firefighting, drinking, watering stock and domestic washing. 

However it could not be used for crop irrigation, garden watering, washing cars, houses, or driveways.

Further measures would be looked at if there was no significant rain.

"Council may need to extend restrictions to other catchments and further restrict water takes in the worst affected areas. Affected residents and water consent/permit holders will be advised of the restrictions."

The restrictions did not apply to those on the Council reticulated supply, however all residents were encouraged to use water wisely.