Givealittle page raises money for drought-stricken Hawke's Bay farmers

Dry conditions have been crippling for farmers in the region.
Dry conditions have been crippling for farmers in the region. Photo credit: Hawke's Bay Regional Council

A Givealittle page launched on Friday is raising money for drought-stricken farmers in Hawke's Bay.

Dry conditions have been crippling for farmers in the region, with the drought the worst in living memory.

Farmers are under huge pressure as they deal with bare paddocks, hungry stock and limited supplementary feed.

"The combination of the drought, with COVID-19 restrictions, is an unprecedented challenge for the rural community," the page states.

"There is a massive and critical lack of feed, and some farmers are in dire situations, mentally exhausted and trying to keep stock alive."

So far around $1300 has been raised.

The Government has given more than $17 million to drought-hit rural communities so far this year, as many parts of the country have faced scorchingly dry conditions.

Funding of $1 million for those in Hawke's Bay is expected to get the final sign-off on Friday, with the money set to soon be on its way to farmers. 

Those funds are part of the mayoral relief fund, though many have questioned how far it will go when it is divided between thousands of farmers in the region.

The funds raised through the Givealittle page will go towards supporting the transportation of feed to farmers in need.

Lochie MacGillivray, the co-chair of the Rural Advisory Group, said the appeal is a chance for the local community to help farmers.

"We know people from all over Hawke’s Bay want to help, as the media has highlighted the devastation of this drought and its impact on farmers, their families and stock," MacGillivray said.  

"This appeal will be a great morale boost for the community, as they battle exhaustion and face tough decisions, heading into winter."