North Canterbury anglers given fishing season extension after COVID-19 lockdown

Anglers at the Rakaia River mouth in February.
Anglers at the Rakaia River mouth in February. Photo credit: Fish & Game

Anglers in North Canterbury are now able to go fishing in lakes and rivers normally closed at this time of the year.

The exception comes after the region's fishing season was extended after the COVID-19 lockdown.

The Minister of Conservation made the extension after the North Canterbury Fish & Game Council applied for an amendment to the Sports Fishing Notice.

"This is great news for Canterbury anglers who had lost fishing opportunities due to a combination of Covid-19 restrictions," said Alan Strong, chairman of the North Canterbury Fish & Game Council.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the anglers missed out on a large part of the traditional fishing season, which sees most waterways in North Canterbury close at the end of April.

"The extension of the season will be a welcome relief during these stressful times, and we encourage people to enjoy the spectacular freshwater fishing opportunities that the North Canterbury region has to offer, as well as to allow them the chance to go out and catch a trout for the table," said Strong.

The extension applied to a selected number of waterways located close to population centres, giving anglers the chance to fish locally, Strong added.