The benefits of feeding molasses to dairy cows

Feeding molasses to dairy cows not only helps the animal's rumen function but also aids in the digestibility of the other feeds it is eating, says Daniel Calcinai, general manager of GrainCorp Feeds.

"Molasses is very well known across not only New Zealand but across the world in terms of feeding dairy cows," Calcinai told Rural Today.

"It's really palatable feed, it's pretty high in energy, in soluble carbohydrate or sugar, so it provides many benefits for the animal.

"Feeding molasses to a dairy cow helps the rumen function and ultimately the digestibility of the other feeds the cow is eating. So it's not just the benefit of the molasses, but it helps get more from the other feeds as well. It's real good feed and can be fed at many times throughout the year."

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