COVID-19 has shown NZ food producers worth investing in - Syndex

  • 30/06/2020
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There has been controversy in recent weeks over the Emissions Trading Scheme, with many fearing prime farming land will be blanketed in pine trees for carbon credits.

But Ross Verry, chief executive of agribusiness investment company Syndex, says COVID-19 has shown the value New Zealand has in the world as a food producer. 

Because of that value, investing in the farming sector should be a no-brainer, he says.

"We are world-class producers of food - we do it efficiently, we do it high-quality, we do it sustainably - and the last three months have shown us the world is valuing highly nutrition and health and good quality food. So why wouldn't you as an investor see the opportunity and support it?" Verry told Rural Exchange.

"I'm still a great believer in the food story of New Zealand. I think that's our greatest opportunity and it would be an absolute shame if good quality productive land is directed towards an asset class which isn't going to deliver holistically for our economy and New Zealand generally."

Listen to the full interview with Ross Verry.

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