NZ food producers well-placed to profit from change in global mindset

A recent report by KPMG says New Zealand is well-placed to develop domestic food production in the wake of COVID-19 - not only for our own resilience but also as a way to market the country as a trusted and reliable exporter.

"When you look at the opportunities for New Zealand to create wealth from outside our own boundaries, the food we grow and sell to the world is going to be critical for the foreseeable future," Ian Proudfoot, head of agribusiness at KPMG, told Rural Exchange. 

"Therefore we've got to make sure we're extracting the most value from food as possible, and that starts with the consumer - what are they wanting to eat? And where we're sitting today is what they're wanting to eat today is probably a bit different from what they were wanting three or four months ago."

Listen to the full interview with Ian Proudfoot.

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