Syndex signs memorandum of understanding with NZX

  • 07/07/2020
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Private markets investment company Syndex has announced it has signed a memorandum of understanding with NZX.

Syndex's chief executive Ross Verry says the move will provide more support for the companies his business works with.

"Some private companies will inevitably get to the stage where they need to be public companies because they'll need to access more capital for their growth aspirations, their investors will want a little bit more liquidity in the market," Verry told Rural Exchange. 

"And I guess from our perspective if companies that we support on the Syndex exchange, for example, get to the stage where they need to become public companies, that's a measure of success for us.

"What we want to do is make it easier for them along the way."

Listen to the full interview with Verry.

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