How COVID-19 gave Deosan an opportunity to innovate

  • 31/08/2020
  • Sponsored by - Deosan

For months now the COVID-19 pandemic has caused logistical problems for supply chains around the world. 

For Deosan, which makes teat spray, the pandemic not only brought complications but also new opportunities. 

"Back when I spoke to you guys earlier on when we were in the lockdown, we were facing critical issues around supply chain and the price of our active ingredient because of COVID," Deosan's chief executive Kip Bodle told Rural Exchange.

The company recently launched its new TeatX Plus formulation, which Bodle said in part came from the company experiences during the lockdown.

He said the challenges caused by the pandemic "gave us an opportunity to be innovative and... to launch this formulation to the market".

Listen to the full interview with Kip Bodle.

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