Meet Burt Chop, the sheep who thinks he's a dog finding fame on Tik Tok

A South Island sheep who thinks he's a dog is quickly becoming an international star.

Burt Chop has his own Tik Tok account and has so far amassed more than 46,000 followers.

Raised alongside dogs by owners Naomi Abraham and Tom at Port Levy on Banks Peninsula in Canterbury, Burt is not your usual sheep. 

He's more comfortable in the house than in the paddock and even enjoys the odd swim.

And the internet can't get enough of him.

"Originally I was just sending friends and family Snapchats of Burt doing funny things and my two sisters down in Southland told me I should start Burt a Tik Tok because they thought his Snapchat videos were really funny and that I could make a few people laugh," Abraham told The Project.

So with nothing much to do during lockdown, Abraham posted Burt's antics on the app - and since then his fame has continued to grow.

"I think it's because he's not doing the average things a sheep usually does. He's running around with farm dogs, he's swimming, he's going inside the house - a lot of things a dog would do and a lot of people find that amusing. 

"He's also very cute for a sheep, a lot of people say."

Even before his Tik Tok fame Burt had it made, with free reign over the house and his own scenic spot on Abraham's deck. 

But really, he's just lucky to be alive.

"Tom brought him down to the house one day saying Burt doesn't have a mum and he's getting headbutted by all the other sheep so we better start feeding him ourselves. And he hung out with the dogs a lot and I think it built a lot of character. It was summertime when he was just a wee lamb and he would come swimming with us and that's when we knew he wasn't quite normal."

But not everybody's hitting the follow button.

"The dogs definitely look at Burt like, why is this sheep here with us? Shouldn't we be rounding him up and putting him in a paddock somewhere, why is he at the house? But Burt thinks he's exactly where he needs to be. 

"He's probably the most useless sheep on the farm but he's got character and he makes people smile."

Abraham also says despite his name, there's no danger he'll end up on anyone's plate.

"Although his name is Burt Chop he definitely won't be ending up as anyone's dinner any time soon. 

"He's just here to make people smile so we'll keep trying to make people smile."