The benefits of using technology to control your K-Line irrigation system

Using remote technology to control your K-Line irrigation system is not just safer, but can also increase your productivity, says Kevin Hirst, of Loncel Technologies.

By using radio and mobile phone technology, farmers have the freedom to control their systems remotely, says Hirst.

"We put a radio on each valve and then the farmer can connect his K-Line, and if he's got more than one set of K-Line then obviously he can spread those out so he can then control his K-Line from home on his phone," Hirst told Rural Exchange. 

He said it not only ups productivity but also improves things in terms of health and safety, as "it limits the amount of time [someone] is out on the bike dragging K-Line around, which is not an easy job."

Listen to the full interview with Kevin Hirst. 

This article was created for Loncel Technologies.

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