The technology helping Kiwi growers protect their crops from frost

With frost events having the potential to damage all sorts of crops, growers should consider turning to technology for help, says Chris Kay of New Zealand Frost Fans.

Frost fans are currently used by growers of grapes, apples, stone fruit, kiwifruit and avocados, among many other crops.

After heating up during the day, that heat is radiated back out of the ground overnight. Frost then forms when heat rises from the ground and a cold layer comes in underneath it, says Kay.

"It's the cold layer that can damage or kill the crops," Kay told Rural Exchange. 

"So the frost fans automatically start and stop and preset temperatures and the frost fan will, if you get a frost event, switch itself on and bring that warm air back down and mix that air up - it will warm the lower layer up again to protect the crops." 

Listen to the full interview with Chris Kay.

This article was created for New Zealand Frost Fans.

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