Coronavirus: 10 A&P shows cancelled due to virus fears

The annual tradition of attending the local A&P show is a casualty of COVID-19 this year.

Ten A&P shows around New Zealand have already decided not to run their event because of the virus.

Alpaca breeder Wayne Ellison was hoping to compete Remmington the alpaca on the local A&P show circuit this spring.

"We go to eight or nine shows a year, around about that," he said.

The shows are a great way of marketing the prized alpacas to international buyers.

"It also enables us to measure the quality of our alpacas against other alpacas that have been shown."

Northern A&P has been running at Rangiora for 153 years, but not this year.

"We agonised over it, but the first of September was the day we had to decide do we spend any more money or just call it quits. And the uncertainty around level 2 and crowds and contact tracing, it just became too hard," Northern A&P Show vice president Graeme Green said.

New Zealand's largest A&P show, Canterbury, is also not running this year.

"The culture, the heritage behind it, the education, we have the farmyard nurseries, the paddock-to-plates, so there's a whole lot of other stuff that goes on at A&P shows which makes it more than an event," Royal Agricultural Show CEO Debbie Cameron said.

It's not all bad news. Competitors like Remington the alpaca have a bit longer to prepare for next year's event.