Rival for iconic unshorn sheep Shrek found in Gisborne

Gizzy Shrek.
Gizzy Shrek. Photo credit: RNZ

First there was the South Island Shrek who came to our attention in 2004 - now a rival has been found in Gisborne.

She's finally been caught at Wairakaia Station and has been given a name - Gizzy Shrek.

Farmer Rob Faulkner has been on her tail for years, he says.

"She's been eluding me for about four or five years now and she finally came in through the back paddock", Ron told Jesse Mulligan.

Gizzy Shrek has never been handled, he says.

"She hasn't got an earmark and it's still got its tail on and it's a very healthy young animal."

And her fleece is spectacular.

"I estimate her fleece length would be 60 centimetres, I've never seen anything like it in my 30 years farming," Rob says.

Gizzy Shrek is a Coopworth Romney cross and has outwitted the farm dogs, Rob says.

"From time to time the dogs have had a go at trying to catch her and they become pretty cunning after a while and obviously my dogs were out smarted."

Rob has a theory as to why Gizzy Shrek chose to come home.

"I think probably getting lonely, probably living alone and she's looking for a boyfriend I guess."

Gizzy Shrek is set to star at the upcoming Gisborne A & P show, where her magnificent fleece will be shorn by one of New Zealand's top shearers.

A competition will be held to guess the weight of her fleece.

Rob says she'll live out the rest of her days on the farm.