UK gardener stunned after digging up potato that looks like American Bulldog

Gudger's 13-year-old American Bulldog, Dave.
Gudger's 13-year-old American Bulldog, Dave. Photo credit: Grow Like Grandad / Twitter

A UK gardener was shocked when she dug up a bizarre shaped potato - which was the 'spitting image' of her dog Dave.

Joanne Gudger, 47, shared a photo of the odd-looking spud alongside her 13-year-old American Bulldog, Dave on the Allotment Growers UK Facebook group. 

The mother-of-three from Atherstone, Warwickshire, said as soon as she dug it out, she sent it to her 'other half' Mark, who said, "it's the spitting image of him".

"As soon as I pulled it out of the soil I knew straight away that it looked like Dave,” Gudger told The Sun on Tuesday.

"Dave is really poorly at the moment with Cushing's disease which is incurable so this really cheered us up."

"He's getting older now and is going a bit grey so he probably looks more like the potato than ever.

"It was just perfect how the potato had Dave's jowls and everything. We now call him 'potato head Dave'."

Joanne and her family decided against eating the potato because she said: "it'd be too hard to eat a masterpiece like that".

"It, unfortunately, rotted away in the end and got composted because it no longer resembled the dog."