Farmers' Facebook page aims to dispel 'misinformation' about sector

A Facebook page bringing farmers around the world together with the aim of promoting positivity is growing in popularity.

Farmers Against Misinformation hopes to dispel myths about the sector and create a place for farmers from different countries to connect.

Julian Price, a north Otago sheep farmer and one of the page's New Zealand admins, says it is also an attempt to help people understand farming and food production around the world, without some of the negative connotations that can arise.

"It's giving farmers a voice and giving farmers a chance to vent and giving farmers support - because it can be a lonely and isolated job," Price told Dominic George on Rural Today on Monday.

"In the physical sense we're not seeing lots of other people all the time and having that social media contact is good."

Price said sadly "farming bashing" was a "bit of a worldwide phenomenon", and there was an ever-increasing amount of false information circulating about the agricultural sector.

"If we don't oppose this misinformation then it becomes accepted as the truth, and that would be unfortunate," he said.

Although the main audience was those living in rural areas, Price said he hoped some of the posts shared on the page would connect with urban audiences too.

"You can only put information out there, it's hard to ram it down people's throats but we hope that putting right some of these misconceptions is helping our urban counterparts to understand what really goes on.

"If you read a post and like and share, then your urban friends may see it in passing and if it interests them they will pick it up and hopefully learn something out of it."