Farmers urged to put safety first ahead of summer work season

  • 19/11/2020
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With the summer holidays approaching and many students across the country set to embark on farm work, farmers are being urged to keep safety standards high.

Al McCone, WorkSafe agriculture team lead, advises farmers not to "assume" young workers, who may be working on a farm for the first time, are aware of the dangers that seem obvious to old-hands.

McCone and Lynda Coppersmith, chief executive of NZ Young Farmers, spoke to Rural Exchange.

"Appreciate that [new workers] won't know what you take for granted," McCone said.

"Test their skills levels to make sure that they're competent to do a task...just something to reassure you that these guys are actually up to using your machinery and dealing with your stock."

Listen to the full interview with Al McCone and Lynda Coppersmith.

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