Gulf Livestock 1: Families of missing crew members offer $70,000 reward for information

Families of men missing at sea are offering a reward for information that leads to their loved ones being found - dead or alive.

In September the Gulf Livestock 1 sank in a storm in the East China Sea after sailing from Napier with 43 crew - including two New Zealanders and two Australians - and nearly 6000 cattle on board.

Karen Adrian, the mother of Scott Harris, who was on ship, said families on both sides of the Tasman were committing their money to the $70,000 reward.

She said they strongly believed the crew were still alive and were in lifeboats or washed up on nearby islands waiting to be rescued.

"We are driven and focussed to continue the search and we are committed to using any and all means at our disposal."

A Filipino crew member rescued after the ship disappeared during a typhoon said the ship's engine failed before it was hit by the wave.

The search by Japanese Coastguard had been scaled back on 10 September.

Three out of the 43 crew members have been found, although one died shortly after.

Two New Zealanders, two Australians and 36 Filipinos are still missing.

Adrian said anyone with information should contact Simon Wearne in Japan on 0081 9010717 141 or Carolyn Gray in Australia on 0061 451931874.