Despite severe weather events, agriculture investments continue to provide good returns - Syndex

  • 26/01/2021
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Despite a number of weather events recently that have been devastating for growers in Tasman and Central Otago, agriculture and horticulture investments remain strong, says Ross Verry, chief executive of Syndex, a private markets investment company.

Verry spoke to Rural Exchange about a number of investment opportunities in the agricultural sector.

He said when it comes to agriculture and horticulture most investors take a long-term approach, knowing there will be some "really good years as well" as well as "some not so good years".

"Most investors look at it and say 'this is long-term'. They go in with a 10-year profile, on average, an expectation they're going to be there for that period of time," Verry said.

"And with horticulture, as we've seen, occasionally there's going to be a weather event and it's going to be damaging in that particular year. But what they need to do - and what they do do - is look at the returns over time, and that's I think why we're seeing such a strong interest.

"Over a long period of time, agriculture, horticulture, land, etc has been a really strongly performing investment class."

Listen to the full interview with Verry.

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