High demand for lambs as recent Canterbury rain brings lush green pastures

Lambs are in high demand in Canterbury as farmers buy up large to chew through paddocks of extra feed. 

It's a welcome break for farmers who at this time of the year are normally dealing with drought. 

At an auction at Canterbury's Baldoon Farm on Wednesday, 3000 lambs went to auction.

"It's a big day, very important day," Hazlett Livestock Ltd auctioneer Phil Manera told Newshub. 

For Baldoon Farms' Tom Ferguson, they were the fattest lambs he's taken to sale.

"This is the best the lambs have looked," he said. "[It] rained at the right time."

Recent rain throughout Canterbury has turned what was becoming a dry summer into a favourable season.

Lush green pastures mean lambs are now in high demand, with farmers finding themselves left with more feed than usual for this time of year.

"We had a bit of a slow spring but the second part of the summer - everything [is] looking green, the grass is growing," Manera said.

About 100 people attended Wednesday's auction and all 3000 lambs were sold.