Extended off-peak data hours aim to make life easier for rural internet users

  • 23/02/2021
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Internet provider Netspeed has increased its off-peak data hours, making life easier for those in rural areas needing to work online.

Stan Rivett, Netspeed's managing director, says the new off-peak hours will last from midnight to 5pm, an extension from the previous off-peak time of midnight to midday.

"So that gives you a lot more data to use when you're trying to stream stuff in the evening, so you're not wasting [data] doing stuff in the daytime," Rivett told Rural Today.

The extended hours come at a time when more and more people depend on the internet during their daily life.

"Especially if there's another lockdown and people have to work from home or they have to school from home, they don't have to worry about their data," Rivett said.

Listen to the full interview with Stan Rivett.

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