Hunter hospitalised after 'steep fall' near Picton

It took emergency crews five hours to rescue him.
It took emergency crews five hours to rescue him. Photo credit: NZ Police

A 76-year-old hunter suffered a broken arm and a dislocated shoulder after falling in "very steep and challenging terrain" in Picton last week.

The man was winched to safety after a five-hour rescue operation in Waikawa last Wednesday.

Police launched a search and rescue operation after the man's cries were heard by local residents and another member of his hunting party, who was some distance away.

Police said he was found around 150 metres from the road.

"LandSAR provided footing for St John staff and used ropes to secure them and allow access to the hunter, so he could be assessed and medicated down the steep slope," Marlborough Area Prevention Manager Peter Payne said on Tuesday.

The hunter was then carried up the steep terrain by LandSAR to a clearing where he was able to be winched out by helicopter and taken to Wairau Hospital.

Payne said a number of factors may have meant the incident could have been avoided, or made locating the man easier.

"On the morning of the rescue, the hunter said he was in a hurry and put on his sneakers instead of his hunting boots, which could have been one of the reasons he slipped.," he said.

"He had recently bought a locator beacon, but unfortunately a mate was using it at the time.

"The beacon shows rescuers your approximate location, taking the 'search' out of search and rescue."

Payne said the hunter was "very appreciative of the help" he received from his rescuers.