Teen saves quad biker's life in US after seeing crash live on TikTok

A quick-thinking teenager in the United States saved a 12-year-old's life after seeing him crash his quad bike on TikTok.

Trent Jarrett was using the popular social media app to livestream himself riding the bike in West Virginia when he came off the four-wheeler.

Thankfully for him though,13-year-old Caden Cotnoir was watching the video and rushed to sound the alarm.

Caden told local news channel WMUR-TV he follows Trent on TikTok because the boys share an interest in hunting, fishing and quad bike riding.

But the last thing he expected while watching the video from his bedroom in New Hampshire - 1200km away - was to be drawn into Trent's life in such a real way.

"All of a sudden his phone goes kind of blank, you can see a little bit of light and you can just hear him yelling for help," Caden told WMUR-TV.

He said he could hear Trent calling out numbers, which he passed on to his stepfather, who happened to be a chief of police in the area.

Trent said he was yelling out the phone number of his grandparents' house as it was the only one he could remember.

Fortunately for him, his parents were soon contacted and they managed to track him down.

When they found him he was stuck beneath the bike and had suffered some cuts and bruises.

Caden's stepfather described the event as an "Easter miracle".

The two boys finally met face-to-face via Zoom earlier this week where Trent thanked Caden for his help.