The Waikato personalities making sure Otorohanga stays in fashion

Known as the Kiwiana capital, Otorohanga in the King Country is home to just over 3000 people.

As well as housing the famous Kiwi House, the small but mighty town also boasts Haddad Menswear, a store run by Karam and John Haddad for 56-odd years.

The brothers are hit with locals not just for the products they sell, but also for their stylish fashion.

"We don't call this snappy, this is just our normal dress," John told The Project.

In te reo Maori, the name for King Country is Te Rohe Pōtae - meaning 'the brim of the hat'. It's named after King Tāwhiao who claimed his kingdom by chucking his bowler hat onto a map.

And hats just happen to be the Haddads' specialty. 

"We wanted to design a hat for New Zealand and we kept fine tuning it until one day we got it right," says John. 

"In the first three weeks we sold 2000 hats."

And while some things may be changing with the times - John now uses a mobile phone to do the store's banking - the brothers are adamant that customer service, like style, is timeless.

"If you enjoy what you do and you're interested in your customers then the rest comes automatically," says John.

"And so you serve them in the best way you can and you do your best to make sure they walk out with a smile on their face."

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