Farm CEO fined for failing to register hundreds of animals

Robinson faced four charges for failing to register 820 animals.
Robinson faced four charges for failing to register 820 animals. Photo credit: File / Getty

The chief executive of a large farm business has been fined $3600 for failing to register more than 800 animals.

Kim Phillip Robinson, 65, faced four charges relating to the failure and was sentenced in the Pukekohe District Court on Monday.

As well as the fine he was also ordered to pay court costs of $130.

Robinson is chief executive of Lochiel Farmlands Limited, which manages around 3000 cattle as dry stock.

As chief executive, it is Robinson's responsibility to register all animals on the farm.

"Despite previously being reminded of his obligations and being registered as the person in charge of the NAIT animals since 2012 at Lochiel Farmlands Limited, Mr Robinson failed to play his part to protect New Zealand’s biosecurity," said Brendon Mikkelsen, regional manager of animal welfare and NAIT compliance at the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI).

Mikkelsen said MPI found out about the registration failure through an analysis of the NAIT database.

"He moved 820 unregistered NAIT animals off Lochiel Farmlands Limited to four meat processing facilities between February and early November 2019.

"Most people in charge of animals understand what is at stake and ensure they've registered NAIT animals. For those who don't, our message is that non-compliance will be found and dealt with."

He said the NAIT system was critical for MPI to respond quickly in the event of a biosecurity outbreak.