Farmers' focus shifts to getting feed to stock as rain eases in Canterbury

As the rain starts to ease in Canterbury, farmers on Monday are turning their focus to getting feed to animals stranded by floodwaters.

The region has been battered by wild weather over the weekend, with the entire Canterbury region placed under a state of emergency.

Federated Farmers Mid-Canterbury president David Clark says although the rain is starting to slow up and river flows peaking, farmers are "still in the critical response time".

"People are still trying to get access to animals that have been isolated by either rivers breaking or certain water flows, and those away from rivers have just got incredibly wet paddocks," Clark told Newshub.

He said it was "incredibly difficult" to get feed to stock.

"Yesterday was about just trying to stay safe in the floods... we now start to turn our attention to doing the best we can for stock."

Despite conditions easing on Monday, Clark said the wild weather had caused "continual problems overnight", with infrastructure such as roadways, culverts and water pipes affected.

"It's by no means over."

Despite the damage on farms, Clark said it was still too early to know the true impact of the flooding.

"The clean-up and assessing the damage is very much secondary. The primary focus now is getting animals fed."