Revealed: The most remote spot in New Zealand

The unnamed Fiordland area crowned the most remote spot in New Zealand.
The unnamed Fiordland area crowned the most remote spot in New Zealand. Photo credit: Google Earth

In need of some 'me time'? Software engineer Hamish Campbell may have found your ideal holiday destination.

He thinks he's tracked down the most remote place in New Zealand.

Inspired by the discovery of the most isolated point in Denmark, Mr Campbell used various different data tools to pinpoint the place furthest away from any buildings.

A Land Information NZ map shows there are 653,358 buildings in the country, so getting far away enough from civilisation could prove difficult.

Mr Campbell's search led him to Fiordland, one of our least-populated areas. After a long time mapping out the region, he zeroed in on an unnamed area at the south end of the bay of the Coal River mouth.

It's not a particularly inviting area, just a coastal slope covered with dense bush. But on the plus side, it's very unlikely you'll run into anyone you know there.

The nearest building is a Department of Conservation (DoC) hut at Supper Cove, 29.8km away. Our most isolated spot is far more remote than its Danish counterpart, which is just 4.4km from its closest building.

Mr Campbell says he's open to other ideas using more exact data analysis, but for now it looks as though he's found the most antisocial location in the country.


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