Anti-sleaze dating: Volunteer work on your first date

  • 09/07/2015
Anti-sleaze dating: Volunteer work on your first date

With the internet now the most common way to hook up and meet with people, a new dating site is trying get romance back to the basics.

Do Good Dating introduces single people together who may be compatible, and if pair light a spark they go on a one-on-one date. But it's not the usual date: their date involves doing volunteer work together.

It's an initiative to move people away from the sleazy world of online dating.

Relationship expert Jill Goldson joined Paul Henry this morning to explain.

"My understanding is people meet through a selection process. They have a conversation then if they like each other, they go off and have a date in the community, doing things like cleaning up beaches, collecting for charity or looking after old people or weeding gardens or that sort of thing."

Watch the full interview with Jill Goldson.