Baby Leo trust fund 'not going to end well'

  • 22/07/2015
3D's Sarah Hall
3D's Sarah Hall

The Kiwi dad who went online to raise money to bring his Down syndrome son home after his Armenian wife left him has again been in news headlines, but for negative reasons.

The couple reconciled, but just over $500,000 was raised for baby Leo and half of it is now unaccounted for.

Sam Forrest is being accused of misspending the money by Trina McLaughlan - the second trustee of the Baby Leo Trust.

She claims Mr Forrest deposited around $380,000 into the trust, but now that balance has dropped by $100,000.

3D reporter Sarah Hall has been investigating the case and has spent a significant amount of time with Mr Forrest and wife – she joined Paul Henry this morning to discuss what's really going on with Leo's money.