'Clear majority' want to ban foreign buyers - poll

  • 27/07/2015

The latest 3 News Reid Research poll has revealed the majority of voters want to ban foreign buyers from New Zealand.

It comes as Labour failed to achieve any boost in popularity after it released statistics aimed at revealing the number of Chinese buyers in Auckland.

Asked 'Should the Government ban foreign buyers who are not residents or citizens from buying houses?', 61 percent said yes, 35 percent said no, and the rest didn't know.

A majority of National voters - 54 percent - said foreign buyers should be banned, compared to 43 percent who said they shouldn't be. The rest didn't know.

3 News political editor Patrick Gower this morning joined Paul Henry from Parliament to discuss the poll, where he explained how a 'clear majority' of voters want this ban to happen.

Watch the video for the full interview.